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Agriculture is life of mankind and without it no man could ever exist. In India, more than half population is depends upon agriculture. This half population is Backbone of the country.

In precise, agriculture is heart of the country and that is why agriculture export is increasing with each passing year.

We, Rajshree Agri Export, is topmost agriculture exporter in India. We are a name among exporters for our high quality products and finest service. With a wide network spread through the country we have a lot satisfied customers across the globe.
We mainly deal in spices and grains.

Our company has built up its reputation with a highly talented and qualified team that is the backbone of Rajeshree Agri Export. Our team of virtuous and professionals team has exceptional managerial skills, vast experience, and deep knowledge in the agriculture field.

This team monitors and manages all operations with great care and makes sure to get the order done on time without failing to ensure the reputation of the company. Perhaps their commitment towards the customers has built and sustained a strong and long-lasting relationship with customers across the globe.


Truly Believing in the Mantra that everyone has the birthright to get the best, our constant efforts are towards creating and providing the best. We ensure the best not only for our customers but also for farmers, suppliers, and our employees.


Don’t wait for a miracle but create one. It is our motto and as per it, we believe quality is not a miracle but it needs efforts. Our motto is reflecting in the growth of the company. We offer to our customers the highest quality products and excellent service beyond what they have ever expected and that has given us a lot of satisfied customers around the world.

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26 Years

Of Exprerience

High Quality Products

Growing Products

We at Rajeshree Agri Export are always conscious about the quality. Our professional team of Agri experts uses the latest technology in the fields. They teach our farmers how to grow and improve and closely monitor the product from various stages of growth to the packaging. We provide techno-managerial support to our farmers since farming to ensure the quality.